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The Full Story

Iowa Leather Weekend

Iowa Leather Weekend was created as just Mr. Iowa Leather in 1988 as just one title by Robert Eikleberry "Mongo". Throughout the years we have added additional titles as a part of the contest weekend to include Ms. Iowa Leather, Iowa Bear, and Iowa Pet.

The Weekend

Iowa Leather Weekend is an annual celebration of the fetish community in Iowa. It is held typically on the second weekend of October each year.

  • The event is hosted by The Blazing Saddle, Iowa’s oldest gay bar located in the Historic East Village of Downtown Des Moines. 

  • Highlights of the event include the Cigar Smoke Out, The Grill Out, the Rubbermen Meet up, the 3 day Vendor Mart, & the Pet Mosh.

  • Events culminate with a Victory Party and a Beer Bust to congratulate the new winners.

  • Winners of Mr. Iowa Leather, Ms. Iowa Leather, Mr. Iowa Bear and Iowa Pet go on to represent Iowa in various national competitions including the IML finals.

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